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My first music video

2016-11-30 17:00:35 by Vertlain

Here it is:


I'm already thinking about next one :)

I'm uploading some themes never built to full songs, maybe someone can make use of them.

My 70's Les Paul is gone...

2012-03-02 04:31:43 by Vertlain

Just sold it, and bought midi keyboard. I sucked at playing guitar anyway, so might as well suck at playing keys. New music comming soon, hopefully.

Happy New Year!

2011-12-31 11:35:48 by Vertlain

Tons of creativeness in 2012!


2011-09-01 02:12:15 by Vertlain

I've got... absolutely nothing to say might as well check out my new song, on youtube

Submiting time

2010-10-05 13:21:48 by Vertlain

I don't have time for new 3D art so... I'm throwing in some more of my unfinished music themes for all of you to enjoy ;p

If you haven't notice

2010-06-28 08:55:44 by Vertlain

I'm on art portal, and wouldn't mind being "spoted"... just saying

And yet I'm playing guitar!

2009-07-09 05:45:20 by Vertlain

I thought so... such abstinence couldn't last long. Yes, I suck at playing, but then again... there still are few out there who suck more than me, and yet they play & record. Ok, so here is my new song: Space Ace & chicken farm. It's still under construction, and requires much work... but I'm really pleased with how it develops. And again - any comments would be nice.

Ha! A brand new shiny post!

2009-05-04 05:25:33 by Vertlain

So this is like a sign that I'm not dead yet. In fact I've made, or am making a song/piece of music. You can check the result so far here: /235175
There will be no more fooling myself that I can play guitar... So only pure computer click&drag music from me, for now at least. Over & out.